RackID on the Road: LogiMAT 2024

Apr 3, 2024 | EN | 0 comments

RackID on the Road: LogiMAT 2024

From innovative automation solutions to a renewed focus on sustainability, this year’s LogiMAT event was all about progress in the industry. We had the opportunity to gain many insights during the three-day event live in Stuttgart. Let’s dive into our three key takeaways from this year’s show!

Thomas Kolde from RackID was on site. These are the three main topics that he noticed in particular at this year’s show:

1) Automation solutions: Stepping into the future

Throughout LogiMAT 2024, the latest advancements in automation technology could be seen in every exhibition hall. From collaborative robots (cobots) easily working alongside humans to fully robotic warehousing, it was clear that the future of logistics involves automation.

The precision of these technologies promises to revolutionise the way we approach warehouse management and streamline operations.

2) Sustainability and green logistics: A shared responsibility

Sustainability was a key topic at LogiMAT 2024 – and for good reason. Companies in all industries have a responsibility to minimise their environmental footprint and promote environmentally friendly products and practices.

It was inspiring to see electric delivery vehicles whizzing around and exhibitors showcasing innovative packaging materials developed with sustainability in mind. The focus on green logistics is more than just a trend – it is a step towards a more sustainable future for everyone.

3) Warehouse efficiency: The backbone of logistics

Improving efficiency in warehouse management was a recurring theme throughout LogiMAT 2024. Experts demonstrated the effects of real-time analyses, predictive maintenance and optimised inventory management. The goal: to keep warehouses running smoothly.

We had a chance to discuss and even demonstrate our robust warehouse identification solutions as a crucial component of efficient warehouse operations, including sustainable shelf labels and magnetic signage. Shaping change together

The show may be over, but the conversations and collaborations that were sparked in Stuttgart continue.

The future of logistics is bright. Together, we can shape it in a way that’s innovative, sustainable, and efficient. Let’s stay true to the LogiMAT 2024 motto of “shaping change together”.

What topics are on your agenda? Not sure where to begin? Let’s discuss your warehouse operations and potential for efficiency as part of our our warehouse check!

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