RackID on the Road: Logistics Forum Bavaria 2023

Dec 3, 2023 | EN | 0 comments

RackID on the road in Bavaria

We have just returned from the Logistics Forum Bavaria 2023, which was organized by CNA e.V. – the think tank for transport and logistics. The event revolved around the challenges in logistics, from global issues to sustainability requirements and how we can achieve supply chain resilience.

The main theme this year was “Shaping change in logistics”, which facilitated many discussions about the latest technologies, processes and best practices.

Here are our key takeaways and highlights from this year’s event, summarised by Thomas Kolde, who attended many of the sessions:

1) Intelligent and sustainable

The focus was on making our day-to-day logistics run more smoothly, even in difficult times and situations. With the technology available today, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can work on improved processes that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2) New ideas: Innovation through knowledge exchange

A major topic: “Innovation isn’t finished until it’s communicated!” That means it’s not just about having good ideas; we have to talk about them. The pace of innovation is faster than ever – let’s make sure we continue to learn from each other, just like in forums like this.

3) The road to 2024: making logistics more personal

Looking ahead to 2024, it seems that we are moving towards making logistics more personal. Imagine delivery vans that drive themselves, warehouses that understand what we need and the use of data that is tailored to the way we work. It’s not just about using new technologies; it’s about adapting logistics to our needs. The good news is that there are plenty of innovators out there, including those presenting their latest ideas and taking part in the event’s Innovation Awards competition. The future looks positive.

Your opinion counts: Let’s continue the conversation What do you think of the Logistics Forum Bavaria 2023? How do you see these new ideas fitting into your plans for 2024?

As colleagues in the world of logistics, warehousing and supply chain, we are all focused on the same goals: moving forward quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Let’s chat and help each other achieve these goals!

Contact Thomas, our Europe Manager, to continue these discussions.


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